Case Study 1 : Pile Ring

Case Study Template: Pile Ring


Monitor-free mooring even in tides, flash flooding and bad weather.


The Introduction:

Marina owners, operators, and leisure and work boat owners.

The Problem:

Maintaining the correct tension on mooring lines for all states of tides and in unexpected/inclement weather conditions such as tidal surges, flash floods, strong winds, waves etc.

The Solution:

Developing a seriously strong mooring device to tie up to which sits about a piling and floats at the same height (and therefore rope tension) as the boat no matter what happens to the water level. This provides safety, security, and peace of mind. There is no need to adjust or constantly check for the best tension at different states of tide or weather or imminent event.

The Results:

Show the results using important data and statistics that demonstrate success.

Testimonial/Customer Quote

“Our purpose for the rings was to provide added value for our slip holders as an additional amenity, as well as to protect our investment in our dock systems.

During storms and tidal surges, invariably, huge strains come on the piling lines as they are not adjusted. The owners often cannot get to the marna in time to fix the situation and our staff often have to take corrective action before a line parts and docks and boats get damaged. So it also provides added security for the boat owner and the marina.” – US Navy, Norfolk VA Sailing Centre.

Include important stats if possible.

  • Key Stats
    • [Important Statistic 1] Thousands sold all over the world
    • [Important Statistic 2]
    • [Important Statistic 3]

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