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high QUALITY High Mooring Buoys
Marinaquip HIGHBUOY mooring buoys are constructed from high grade Polyethylene to perform in all conditions. They’re designed to provide easy and direct access to the top mooring line.

Mooring Buoys

Choice of “high neck” and “dish top” designs

HIGHBUOYS come in two options: the HB1250 “high neck”; and the HB580 “dish top”. Both designs consist of two high quality, tough roto moulded Polyethylene half buoys bolted together. The split design provides two independent, fully enclosed chambers greatly increasing buoyancy integrity and removes the need for additional internal foaming. 

The “direct connect” design gives instant access to the actual mooring line without any need to haul anything wet, dirty or heavy out of the water.

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Marinaquip HIGHBUOY mooring buoys are suitable for use around the world in a wide variety of mooring situations: harbours, rivers, canals, lakes, lagoons, etc.

Mooring Buoy Range

HIGHBOUY mooring buoys come in two styles

HIGHBUOY "High Neck"
HB 1250

HB 580

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Marinaquip HIGHBUOY Mooring Buoys provide significant benefits over other buoys. Designed for a wide variety of mooring situations: harbours, rivers, lakes, lagoons, etc.








Energy Absorbing


two sizes/designs



Highbuoy Mooring Buoys FAQ's

some commonly asked questions

Marinaquip Highbuoys are “direct connect” mooring solutions for securing to an anchored mooring block and chain e.g as in a swing mooring in a harbour, lake or lagoon.

The high visibility and high availability / access / provision of the actual top mooring line provides for easy, quick, safe and clean mooring of yachts, launches and all manner of watercraft without the need to haul anything out of the water. Say “goodbye” to dirty, slimy, wet, pick-up buoys, ropes, chains and shackles and “hello” to clean, lightweight, conveniently positioned, full strength mooring lines.



High Buoys can be used for casually or permanently mooring yachts, launches and watercraft in harbours, lakes, rivers and lagoons etc. They can be used with any designated mooring blocks, anchors, chains, ropes and tackle as stipulated by local marine authorities for your class and weight of vessel up to the maximum size and rating of the Highbuoy chosen. Please check the ratings of our Highbuoys and also with your local harbourmaster for mooring rules and regulations within your region.



High Buoys can be set up for very easy and swift mooring. Talk to your local marine authority and/or mooring installer for assistance in choosing the correct sizes and ratings (and most appropriate set up) of all mooring lines and tackle to be used specifically for your boat or marine craft.
High Buoys are rotationally moulded from a special grade of super strong high density Polyethylene.
High Buoys are seriously strong however it must be remembered that the buoys themselves are not what you will be mooring to. Your mooring line passes through the Highbuoy and connects to the heavy duty diamond shackle plate at the bottom. This in turn is connected to your top mooring chain or mooring line. The buoy is not being pulled on and merely holds up your mooring lines and/or chain for your convenience.

Currently there are two sizes of High Buoy

  1. MF1000 which has matching end caps and 90 degree external corners
  • Length 1000mm
  • Height 150mm
  • Depth 75mm
  1. MF500 which has matching end caps
  • Length 500mm
  • Height 70mm
  • Depth 70mm
High Buoys require no maintenance other than to clean from time to time as biofouling will eventually adhere to the Polyethylene but not affect it. It must be stated, however, that ALL moorings and buoys need periodical checks by authorised marine specialists who will monitor wear and tear on ropes, chains, swivels, shackles, and all other tackle. These may need to be renewed and/or replaced as required. Please check with your local marine authority for guidelines and rules.
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Just finished installing the fenders to my pontoon. Really happy with the overall look of them and they were a piece of cake to install, cheers.


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