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Pile Fender is a unique solution to a problem many modern yachts and power boats have when leaving or arriving at their slips. With sleek, designer lines and no protective beltings, there is always the chance that their pristine gel coat will come into contact with the piles and marine biofouling (mussels, oysters, limpets, weed, dirt, etc.). Take the pressure out of docking manoeuvres in high winds, inclement weather and strong currents. Pile Fenders not only protect your hull from bumps, chafes and scratches but also provide an all-tide, all-weather mooring solution where your mooring ropes are not subjected to unwanted and unsafe wear and tear.

Never be caught out again.

Pile Fender

Rolling variable height protection for your boat 

Pile Fender is a solid PU foam fender collar which sits about, and grips, a twin-wall culvert pipe.

The pipe is buoyant but the main buoyancy comes from one or more Pile Fender Rings placed at water level. The number of floats is determined by the height of the tube and the weight of the additional Pile Fenders used. The tube can be cut to the right height for any boat and the Pile Fender Rings can be positioned anywhere on the tube to provide the best fendering for the specific boat. No tools or equipment are required for installation other than cutting to length with a hand saw and there are no potentially hazardous fasteners involved. The device can also be used in conjunction with our Pile Rings. The whole product floats on the water and will maintain its precise fendering position relative to the boat in any state of tide. 


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Pile Ring is used around the world in a wide variety of mooring situations: marinas, rivers, canals, lakes, pontoons, etc.

Product Specifications

Feature & Benefits


Pile Fenders can be used in a wide variety of mooring situations: marinas, rivers, canals, lakes, pontoons, etc.

locking design

designed to fit standard tubes

Easy Docking

Monitor-Free Mooring


High Quality

floating height adjustment

non marking

Low cost protection

no fasteners

Rolling Fender

variable number of rings

puncture proof

Shock absorbing cushioning

Patent pending

Pile Fender FAQ's


Pile Fender is a solid Polyurethane Foam hoop that sits about a marine piling. It is mounted on a Polyethylene twin-wall tube without the need for fasteners. The whole device rolls and floats and the strategically placed Pile Fenders will always maintain the correct height for the protection of your boat in any and all states of tide.

Many modern yachts and launches are constructed without protective belting on the sides of their hulls. Unfortunately this means that manoeuvring in and out of a slip can be hazardous for the hull and gel coat when negotiating marine piles and particularly in tidal areas where biofouling and marine growth can make the matter much worse. Pile Fenders provide the ideal cost-effective solution providing protection and fendering from the piling whist also assisting with the docking manoeuvre.

Pile Fenders are used to protect boat hulls from unwanted and potentially very expensive contact with marine piling and associated biofouling and marine growth. They have a soft, puncture-proof  construction, they float and they roll about the piling so they also assist with manoeuvring in and out of marina slips, especially when wind and current is a factor.

First measure the height above water that each Pile Fender is required for your boat. Next cut a twin-wall tube of the correct size to the right length (including a little extra). Prior to installing on the piling, affix the Pile Fenders about the tube to the desired heights including one or two required for floatation. Buoyancy depends on the overall height and therefore weight of the whole device including the Pile Fenders themselves. Next install the device over the pile and allow to float. Final adjustments can be made to the required heights of the Pile Fenders and buoyancy but removal from the piling will be required to make these adjustments.

Example – if only one Pile Fender is required at around 1 metre (3’) above water level, then only one Pile Fender should be required as a float. If you are installing multiple Fenders, and especially at height, then additional floating fenders may be required.

Pile Fender is made from solid Polyurethane Foam. It will not deflate, or go flat and cannot be punctured.

Pile Fender is very strong and is able to withstand rubbing and pressure from all manner of yachts and launches in the leisure market. N.B. This is not a commercially rated product.

Currently there are two sizes of Pile Fender

  • The PF400 has an inside diameter of 400mm which fits onto a 400mm twin-wall tube. This tube has an inside diameter of 343mm to sit about the piling. The Fender has an outside diameter of 530mm and a height of 150mm.
  • The PF500 has an inside diameter of 500mm which fits onto a 500mm twin-wall tube. This tube has an inside diameter of 434mm to sit about the piling. The Fender has an outside diameter of 698mm and a height of 150mm.

Our Pile Fenders are made from high quality, high grade materials and under normal usage and circumstances they should easily be lasting many years.

Pile Fender requires no maintenance other than to clean from time to time and/or remove any marine growth

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I had been looking for something like this for ages. They are so much better than the cobbled together efforts I tried making out of carpet, foam and tubing.


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