Marina Fenders MF500G Cap

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Marina Fenders


Attractive gap-free range of bumpers to protect boats, docks and pontoons

Marina Fenders are constructed from high grade Polyurethane foam and perform in all conditions to protect your boat from unavoidable contact alongside. They’re designed to enhance the appearance of your docks and pontoons and to accommodate your prized possessions in the style they deserve.

Marina Fenders are solid Polyurethane foam cushions designed to be mounted on Marinas, Docks, Walers and Pilings. With the use of matching corners and end caps they can be formed into an aesthetically pleasing individual protective cushion or used in an intermittent or continuous line for peace of mind and protection along the full length and shape of a dock or slip.  Due to the clever solid foam construction of our Marina Fenders they can shaped and mitre-cut around any angle without the need for additional/specialised corner pieces.

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 25 × 7 × 7 cm